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Holiday Van Sales Period 2020

2020 Information for Prospective Buyers of a Holiday Van

The Sales Period for 2020 at Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Parks (including Fingal Bay, Shoal Bay & Halifax Parks) will be commencing for all sales on Wednesday 1 April 2020 and will conclude on Friday 15 May 2020. This will be the only Sales Period this year.

Below is the link to an information sheet for Prospective Buyers. We encourage anyone considering purchasing a van to read the information included on this page prior to the Sales period commencing and especially before attending an interview.

This sales period is when the current Van Owners can potentially sell to anyone who is interested in purchasing a holiday van and becoming a member of our Holiday Park community. Please note that our Sales Process must be followed and a Sale must not be completed between the seller and buyer until the prospective buyers have attended an interview with Park management and the sale is approved. No sale is guaranteed as Park Management has the discretion to accept or deny an application of sale. Circumventing our process may result in an Occupancy Agreement being revoked and request for vacant possession of the site.

In the weeks preceding the Sales Period, all vans that are offered up for sale will be inspected for general safety issues, aesthetic, non-compliance issues and unapproved modifications, with a report sent to the current van owner. Any issues which require immediate rectification should be completed prior to a sale being approved. Any issues which have been given a longer timeframe for rectification can either be completed by the current or the new owner by written agreement. An independent Valuation on the caravan, annex and associated structures will be conducted, with a report sent to the current van owner. Both these documents should be made available for prospective buyers. They will also be given to the buyer at the interview.

A list of Vans for Sale will be available later in March once the “application” period has closed and all applications validated, however some van owners choose not to have their vans on our list. We are aware that vans are being advertised online already, and some have signs in the windows. This is permitted providing the sale is not completed prior to the interview as mentioned above. The list of Vans for Sale will also be available from the Holiday Park reception and it will be posted on the Holiday Van Owners page on our website. Please note that we do not act as a vendor, and the list will only be updated as vans are Subject to Interview Outcome (PENDING) or Officially SOLD.

Interviews can be booked by contacting the Admin Officer (Fiona) from 30 March 2020. All interviews will be scheduled for during the official sale period. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me by email: Please note: I will be unavailable to take calls or answer emails until Wednesday 11 March – Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

For any urgent enquiries or questions please email your contact details and query to who will contact you in my absence. All other emails will be responded to on my return on 11 March.


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Next meeting date is Friday 21 February 2020.

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