General Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Parks. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our beachside locations. Please note that through confirmation of an accommodation booking at any of the Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Parks you are acknowledging and agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

  • For accommodation related matters / availability please phone Reservations on (02) 4988 0990 (9am-5pm).
  • Check in time is 2.00pm. Check out time is 10.00am. (This may vary between accommodation types)
  • Extra persons attract additional charges.
  • Any outstanding balance is required in full upon check-in.
  • Maximum 4 adults per cabin.
  • Confirmation of your reservation means you are agreeing to abide by our park rules. Any breach of rules, booking terms or conditions will result in removal from the property and forfeit of fees.
  • Reservations are NOT transferable to another person. If guests are unable to keep their reservation due to other commitments/situations, our cancellation policy applies
  • Reservations are not permitted by persons under the age of 18 years and all minors to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Group Bookings please call the parks for further details or submit an email enquiry. A security deposit of $50 per head will be required for all group bookings of six or more people.
  • All tariffs are subject to change without notice.
  • Guests agree as a condition of booking that any damage caused to park property may be reimbursed by a non refundable charge against guests credit cards.
  • Did you know that Shoal Bay Holiday Park, Fingal Bay Holiday Park and Halifax Holiday Parks love dogs?... so let Fido enjoy a holiday with you when you’re camping or caravanning at a Beachside Holiday Park. Click here for all the details.
  • Please Note: Thou walla Sunset Retreat does not allow any pets
  • Fires are not permitted within the Park.
  • Special requests made when booking online cannot be guaranteed.
  • Requests to book specific sites or cabins may be requested at time of booking but can not be guaranteed.
  • Discounts without a promocode are not available when booking online. To utilise a seniors discount or similar without a discount code please call the Holiday Parks direct.
  • Guests staying in a moveable dwelling are not permitted to stay for a total of more than 150 days in any 12 month period unless the guest is the owner occupant of a holiday van at the particular holiday park.
  • The content of this site is copyright to Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Parks.
  • Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part of any such content may be reproduced, modified, adapted or published in any way for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests, we would ask that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Park Rules and Regulations.

  • Speed Limits - For the safety of all guests, please keep speed limit to 8km/h at all times.
  • Follow reasonable direction - Guests are required to follow any reasonable direction given by Park Staff or Security Personnel during their stay within the holiday park. Failure to comply with these directions may result in eviction from the park.
  • Offensive Behaviour & Excessive Noise – Drunkenness, offensive, aggressive or threatening behaviour & excessive noise will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Persons displaying this type of conduct will be removed from the park. Please remember to keep your televisions & radios at a volume that will not disturb your neighbours. All noise of a disruptive nature is to cease by 10.00pm.
  • Damage to Property – Wilful damage to park or guest property or tampering with park or guest property will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This type of conduct will result in eviction from the Park.
  • Security Gates are in operation. Guests arriving outside reception hours must arrange prior entry. Use of your access number for another vehicle will prevent your own access.
  • Did you know that Shoal Bay Holiday Park, Fingal Bay Holiday Park and Halifax Holiday Parks love dogs?... so let Fido enjoy a holiday with you when you’re camping or caravanning at a Beachside Holiday Park. Click here for all the details.
  • Please be careful as rabbit holes may appear in the Park grounds from time to time and that they should be reported to front office as soon as possible if they are identified so our Grounds team can fill them in.
  • Departure Time is 10.00am. If departing prior to reception opening please lock your cabin & deposit your access number and key into the key/mail slot at reception.
  • Day Visitors - Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors & a fee is applicable for day visitors or overnight stays. Visitors cars must be left outside the park unless permission is obtained to bring them in.
  • Vehicles & Boats must not be parked on roadways, walkways or other sites within the park. Additional vehicles must be parked outside the Park perimeter unless special arrangements have been made with reception. (Only one car is allowed in the park to each site unless prior arrangements for extra cars are made with the Management.)
  • Boats & Jet Skis are only to be washed in designated zones. (Water restriction may prohibit the washing of boats & jet skis, please check any restrictions with reception prior.)
  • Ground Covering mats/carpets are not permitted to cover grass on caravan sites. If cover is required only shade cloth is permitted.
  • Only Push bikes and Scooters (Non Electric) are permitted anytime in the grounds of a Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Park. Helmets MUST be worn at all times when riding a Push bike or Scooter. All activities must cease when street lights are activated. Normal road rules apply in park grounds. Park Management is not responsible for any accident, injury caused whilst riding in the park and will maintain compliance of this policy at all times. Not allowed: Electric Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters, rollerblades and hover boards or any other motorised/non-motorised device use to ride on.
  • Amenities are not to be used by children under 8 years unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Park Cabins - An additional charge will be charged for cabins not left in reasonably clean condition.
  • Trenches - Guests are requested not to dig trenches around tents
  • Fish Cleaning is not permitted within the Park
  • Storm Water Drains – Please do not empty sink waste water into the storm water drains
  • Open Fires are not permitted within the Park. Barbecues - Only gas or electric are permitted. Portable Butane (lunchbox style) cookers are not permitted within the Park .
  • All garbage to be placed in the bags provided.
  • All Vans, Tents and Motor Homes are required to have the draw bar facing the road & to be placed upon the site so that it is a minimum of 1 metre off the road and 2.5 metres from the unit on the next site. No tents are to be erected with vans on van sites at all times.
  • No Responsibility is taken by the Reserve Trust Manager or its representatives for personal injury damage or loss of property. Guests are responsible to secure their belongings at all times. No responsibility is taken by Council or the Management for personal injury, damage to or loss of property or whilst undertaking in programmed park activities.
  • Smoking - Smoking is not permitted in any dwelling or the common areas. All guests must ensure that smoke caused by the smoking of tobacco or any other substances does not penetrate to the common areas of the park or any other occupant’s site in the park.


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